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Gourmet Fingerfood

Our delicious Gourmet Finger Food menu offers both hot and
cold selections, prepared and served by your Chef/Waitperson.
Included are napkins and all dipping sauces to compliment
your menu.

We offer a choice of 6, 9, 12, or 15 portions per guest.

• Japanese Delicacies
  Traditional Nori Rolls and Sushi served with Soy Sauce

• Chicken Satay Skewers
  Mildly Spiced chicken skewers marinated with Satay Sauce

• Prawn Twisters
  Prawns wrapped in pastry

• Vegetable Selection
  A Mixture of bite sized vegetable delights and hommus

• Mini Samosas
  Lightly curried with potatoes, peas and carrot

• Cocktail Pies
  Pepper steak, Lamb and Rosemary, Gourmet Chicken

• Prawn Tails
  Fresh from the sea, and served with dipping sauces

• Chicken Breast Tenders
  Tenders of chicken breast served with sweet chilli dipping sauce

• Mini Quiches
  Sun dried Tomato, Quiche Lorraine, Mushroom

• Smoked Salmon
  Smoked Salmon slices served on cream cheese and crackers

• Pate
  Fresh Pate served on water cracker biscuits

Price List
    Number of Guests
    20-39 40-79 80+
6 Portions per Guest: $16.90 $15.50 $14.90
9 Portions per Guest: $20.90 $19.90 $18.90
12 Portions per Guest: $24.90 $23.90 $22.90
15 Portions per Guest: $29.90 $28.90 $27.90
    (Prices include GST)
* $1.00 extra per guest for December functions
* Prices subject to change without notice

Cost for chef = $140
Waiter/waitresses = $120
(prices include GST)

Prices subject to change
without notice

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